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Your profession matters, so does your vote! 

"There is No Excuse for Not Trying"

Dear Esteemed PEO Members,

As a dedicated PEO enthusiast, I come to you with a heartfelt message. Our beloved Professional Engineers Ontario is at a crossroads, facing challenges that demand our immediate attention. The evolving engineering landscape, limited member engagement, and threats to our self-regulation status all require strategic leadership. Now, more than ever, we need a competent and engaged council.

Addressing Challenges Head-On:

  1. Evolving Engineering Disciplines: Our field is undergoing a profound transformation, from renewable energy to AI ethics. PEO's focus must evolve to embrace these advancements, Ensuring Safety of Public, Environment, Ethical Standards, and Societal well-being.

  2. PEO’s Relevance: A concerning decline in new engineering students seeking licensure and a lack of recognition from companies call for PEO to instill a culture of value and relevance in today’s and tomorrow’s world.

  3. Limited Member Engagement and Public Trust: Overcoming a lack of interest requires us to build trust and emphasize the exclusive rights of Licensed Professional Engineers for the greater good.

  4. Maintaining Self-Regulation: The privilege of self-regulation is under threat, demanding proactive measures to secure our self-regulation status in Ontario.

The Solution: A Competent and Engaged Council:

The key lies in electing individuals with the right skills, passion, and proven leadership experience. We, as engineers, innovators, and problem solvers, 91,500 strong, can shape the future of PEO by actively participating in the election process and fortifying our profession.

Why Vote for Me as Vice President?

With substantial support as Councillor-at-Large Candidate in 2023, I am excited to present myself as your candidate for Vice President. With over 30 years of diverse engineering and management experience, I bring a strategic vision, innovation in regulation and licensing, collaborative stakeholder engagement, ethical governance, and a commitment to team building. Committed to evidence-based decisions, self-regulation, and financial acumen, I've led successful initiatives and transformations in large-scale operations. Managing multi-million-dollar budgets, I earned the title of Leader of Leaders at Stellantis.

As an adjunct professor, I inspire 250+ engineers yearly, demonstrating my commitment to learning and motivating future professionals.

Immediate Goals for PEO:

  1. Addressing regulatory challenges in emerging engineering disciplines.

  2. Enhancing the P.Eng. license as an asset for young engineers and the public.

  3. Advocating for exclusive rights of licensed engineers for public welfare and safety.

  4. Cultivating value and respect for members and revitalizing the chapter system. 

  5. Revive and enhance the EIT program.

  6. Council and Election Reforms. 

Your Vote Matters:

With your support, we can position PEO as the best regulator globally. I urge you to actively participate in the election process, learn about the candidates, and elect those with proven Competence and Experience.

Link to my PEO Candidate Statement! 

Dr. Asif Khan - Your Advocate for a Stronger PEO.

Mobile/Tex: 313-378-8117

Proven Leader: Awarded FCA's "Leader of Leaders" in 2018, showcasing my exceptional leadership and team guidance.

Devoted Volunteer: Dual honors with the Ontario Volunteer Service Award in 2016 and 2021, highlighting my steadfast commitment to community service and the engineering profession.

Engineer of the Year: Recognized by UETAC in 2022 and Windsor Essex County in 2023, my standout competence and contributions make me a distinguished figure in the engineering community.

PEO Order of Honour: Inducted at the Member Level in 2019, signifying my substantial commitment to regulating Ontario's engineering profession with the utmost standards.

These accolades underscore my proven competence, dedication, and leadership, making me the ideal candidate for the position of Vice President at Professional Engineers Ontario.

Reach out with your questions and let's build a future together.

It's not just an election; IT'S OUR RESPONSIBILITY. 

Vote for a Better PEO!

 Click the link below to watch the Order of Honour Video

Windsor engineer honoured for his valuable leadership and exceptional commitment to the profession...
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